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November 2015


Subcultures still exist and some don't shop at the same mass market retail stores or dress the same. We know, that's a bit odd considering individual style is not seen too often, how it used to be in the 1980s-1990s.

Many don't know the history or value of a garment or footwear in todays culture, things are worn to be cool or fit in. Here's a tip, having a personal identity is best and we saw that in the following guys. 

Lance . 20 . Bronx, NY . Producer

 "I don't live in this era"

Style: Underground On a Hip-Hop level...I stopped liking new stuff, my brother had tons of this stuff so I started taking my brothers stuff. 

Favorite Piece: DKNY Silver Puffer

Favorite Brand: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport, DKNY Tech, Tommy Hilfiger Technical Gear

Richard . 23 . Bronx, NY . Creator 

Style: Colorful. Artistic. I was inspired by Lance then branched out to this.

"Everything I do is inspired by art…I try to dress the way I paint, like when I draw on canvas"

Favorite Piece: Tommy Hilfiger Navy Surplus Button Down—circa 1994

Favorite Brand: Tommy Hilfiger 

Kimani . 19 . Bronx, NY . Artist

Style: Art; Inspired by the Mid-90s —Grew up wearing this stuff; started back again in 2013.

"How i dress is an extension of my mind... my vision is innovating mid-90s and making it modern"

Favorite Piece: Calvin Klien T Shirt—circa 1996 (pictured above)

Favorite Brand: Carhartt 

September 2015